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Thank You for choosing to BECOME A SPONSOR 
 You can donate to the following projects

Life Beacon believes in empowering the youth to reach sustainable lives.
This includes interventions at various stages of ones life, from before a child is born 
all through to when they begin going to school, Life Beacon believes every stage 
is crucial and the right support can contribute to this child's 

sustainable growth.





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Going to university

As a Life Beacon International supporter, you’re eligible for a free Will with

With award winning online service, you can make a free, legally-binding Will in just fifteen minutes. Each Will is checked, vetted and approved by a solicitor and your Will can be updated quickly and easily for free, forever.

There’s no obligation to leave a gift to us, but we do hope you do so to enable us to continue our important work. Your gift will make a lasting and positive difference in supporting, educating, and empowering young people in building a sustainable future for themselves and their communities in key areas of education, wellbeing, and faith.

We thank you in advance for making a generous, thoughtful contribution.

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