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Our Partners


Google Ad Grants

Life Beacon International is honored to partner with Google Ad Grants. This initiative provides us with the incredible opportunity to run text-based ads on the Google platform at no cost, and also gives us access to special tools on YouTube for channel enhancement.

With this support, we can significantly expand our reach, increase awareness of our mission, and attract more supporters. Thanks to Google Ad Grants, we are empowered to make a greater impact and bring positive change to the communities we serve.
The Google Ad grant partnership has helped the Well-being department of Life Beacon International in running its annual mental health awareness campaign and has been able to reach well over 30 young people.


microsoft Grant

Life Beacon International is proud to announce a pivotal partnership with Microsoft, made possible through a generous grant that provides our organization with complimentary access to a variety of Microsoft suite packages and other essential apps. This invaluable support has revolutionized our daily operations, enhancing our efficiency and effectiveness in serving our community.

The comprehensive suite of tools from Microsoft has become integral to our workflow, enabling seamless communication, collaboration, and project management across all levels of our organization. This partnership underscores Microsoft's commitment to empowering nonprofits and underscores our shared dedication to making a positive impact.


seedcorn funding

Life Beacon International is thrilled to announce the receipt of vital seedcorn funding from our generous partners. This strategic financial support marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing the essential resources needed to cultivate innovative

projects and expand our reach.

The seedcorn funding will enable us to invest in critical areas of development, fostering new initiatives and strengthening our existing programs. This funding acts as a catalyst, empowering us to explore new avenues and implement cutting-edge solutions to better serve our community.



Life Beacon is a beneficiary of the Intelligent Energy Grant. This grant is used to fund two of our key projects ; The Getting Ready for University project discussed above, as well as our Entrepreneurial Mindset Project. The Entrepreneurial Mindset project involves Life Beacon reaching out to schools and conducting unique activities with the youth in those schools.


The activities will be geared at triggering an entrepreneurial mindset and desire within these young people. This project's aim is not to necessarily create new entrepreneurs, but rather it is to help these young people learn some key entrepreneurial skills which will help them  as they grow into adult hood and aim for their various careers.



Noah is an online shopping which provides university student moving-in essentials within just one box. Noah sells these items at a discounted price compared to a student having to buy all of the items separately. Noah creates and ease for both students and parents when planning their move to university as they can order their Noah’s box before arriving at their university accommodation.


Life Beacon works with Noah is letting more students get access to this convenient service without having to stress about certain essentials when they come to university. We do this by providing them with special discounts on Noah’s box. Granting 10% discount on NOAH items for any body who purchases using Life Beacon’s discount code.


rotary hendon

Rotary Hendon is the regional Rotary Club representative for the community of Hendon in London. Rotary Hendon has partnered with us in order to achieve reaching out to BAME youth in the UK, Nigeria and Ghana and supporting them in various capacities which will help the youth build their confidence vis a vis life in the adult world.


The main goal is to equip them in various ways which will ensure they are able to face difficulties in life with sustainable and wise approaches. This will henceforth mitigate their propensity to fall victims of mental health issues due to anxiety that stems from fear and uncertainty.

LSU logo official edited.png

loughborough university, business school, and students union(lsu) 

Our relationship with Loughborough university is a two way stream. On one hand we help the university find more efficient means of supporting its students, especially the ones from BAME backgrounds. This helps the university achieve its EDI targets. We also extend 1-1 and tailored support to some of the Loughborough University students , from foundation students all through to postgraduate students.


Additionally, through the university staff and researchers Life Beacon has access to unique trainings for our Life Beacon volunteers. The Loughborough student union (LSU) also supports Life Beacon in the Life Beacon Action project for Getting Ready for University. Recently, the LSU chose LBI as one of the charities it will donate to for its Yearly Operations Jingle Bells fundraiser project. The proceeds from the donations will go to our Back to school and Mother at Birth projects.

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