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oUR Founder


Dr Ruby Appiah-Campbell (PhD)

Dr Ruby Appiah-Campbell founded Life Beacon International after two years of starting her PhD, working as a University teacher and also part of the university warden team to provide pastoral care to students in the hall of residence. Her experience in these roles of daily interaction with young people and initial findings from her PhD research stirred up her existing passion of supporting the education of these young people financially, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and socially. Her desire to understand the growing challenges of young people and be well equipped to assist them was her primary motivation for leaving a lucrative banking profession to pursue a PhD and take up the other roles as a doctoral researcher .

Ruby knew she could not support the varied needs of young people without the needed support; hence she was inspired to approach Life Beacon first group of volunteers individually. They happily volunteer, and work hard to establish Life Beacon International as they all have their individual aspiration to help young people reach a more sustainable future and be the best they can be in life.     

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