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Going to university PROJECTS

Life Beacon International's "Going to University Project" has been highly successful in assisting high school students with their transition to higher education. By offering guidance on college applications, scholarships, and entrance exams, the project has significantly increased university enrollment rates among participating students. The project has successfully ben implemented in Woodbrook Vale School, Limehurst Academy, Rossall School, De Lisle College, Rawlings Academy and Iveshead School.

The colleges listed above are successful colleges with a clear vision for success in developing the young adults of tomorrow. With a group of University student volunteers we conduct various activities with the students of the college who are either at GCSE’s or A Levels stages where they need to start thinking about what they will do post college. The activities our volunteers conduct with these young people are constructed to help guide the students get ready for university and life in a career. The project has the goal to help young people feel more confident about the decisions they make with regards to their higher education plans or career plans after college. 

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