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ALL Our Funded Projects

Getting Ready for University - Loughborough Student Union ACTION Project

De Lisle College is a college found within the small town of Loughborough. This college is a thriving and successful Catholic voluntary academy with a clear vision for success in developing the young adults of tomorrow. With the support of the Loughborough Student Union, LBI has been able to recruit a group of student volunteers for this Action- Life Beacon Project. In this project we conduct various activities with the students of the college who are either at GCSE’s or A Levels stages where they need to start thinking about what they will do post college. The activities our volunteers conduct with these young people are constructed to help guide the students get ready for university and life in a career. The project has the goal to help young people feel more confident about the decisions they make with regards to their higher education plans or career plans after college. We plan on being able to visit more schools through this same project, and De Lisle College is our first beneficiary.

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Intelligent Energy Grant



Life Beacon is a beneficiary of the Intelligent Energy Grant. This grant is used to fund two of our key projects ; The Getting Ready for University project discussed above, as well as our Entrepreneurial Mindset Project. The Entrepreneurial Mindset project involves Life Beacon reaching out to schools and conducting unique activities with the youth in those schools. The activities will be geared at triggering an entrepreneurial mindset and desire within these young people. This project's aim is not to necessarily create new entrepreneurs, but rather it is to help these young people learn some key entrepreneurial skills which will help them  as they grow into adult hood and aim for their various careers.

Back to School Projects

The Life Beacon Back to School project is funded through some of our Crowdfunding campaigns, donations as well as the Loughborough University through fundraising events. This project focuses on visiting schools within underprivileged communities to donate some essential back to school items for the young students as they prepared to return to school for the new year. We donate books, stationary and food donations to the students as well as the teachers. Through our visits we also get the opportunity to speak to the students and give them some words of encouragement and wisdom on the importance of their education.



Mother at Birth Yearly LBI Project

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The Mother at Birth project is a yearly project Life Beacon conducts through crowdfunded donations. We raise funds through out GoFundMe Campaign, as well as our Things To Get Us CampaignThe Loughborough University has also opted to support this project by enabling various fundraising activities of which LBI will be a beneficiary.This project involves going to government hospitals in an underprivileged community. Our Mother @Birth project in 2020 was done in 3 different hospitals in Ghana. More detail on each hospital can be found here. The purpose of the visits are to donate Mum and New born essentials to the new and expecting mother’s at the hospital maternity ward. The idea behind the donations is to bring some joy to the mothers during their first moments of becoming mothers, so perhaps this good memory may empower them in their motherhood- this is henceforth crucial for the domestic environment in which these new born babies are born into.

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