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Rotary Hendon Project

Rotary Hendon


Rotary Hendon is the regional Rotary Club representative for the community of Hendon in London. Rotary Hendon has partnered with us in order to achieve reaching out to BAME youth in the UK, Nigeria and Ghana and supporting them in various capacities which will help the youth build their confidence vis a vis life in the adult world. The main goal is to equip them in various ways which will ensure they are able to face difficulties in life with sustainable and wise approaches. This will henceforth mitigate their propensity to fall victims of mental health issues due to anxiety that stems from fear and uncertainty.


The Project is implemented in various dynamic ways as seen below 

1. Creating educational flyers which raise awareness on mental health issues, as well as signposting to various key organisations which cater to support diverse mental health cases(according to the country in which they are distributed). If you find this flyer useful you may wish to download (follow instructions on the right).

UK Flyer

Ghana Flyer

Nigeria Flyer


2. Conducting round table sessions with members of the Rotary Hendon and some BAME youth regarding some key issues that need to be discussed with regards to BAME youth mental health and how it may affect their lives, from physical health, relationships, education to careers and self- confidence. These sessions are recorded and posted on our social media platforms (i.e Our LBI YouTube Page as well as the Rotary Hendon Website).

3. We conduct 1-1 sessions with some of the youth, especially form BAME backgrounds, as we provide support in various ways through our Wellbeing Department.

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